Things You Didn’t Know About Clouds

4) Big Data is the catalyst of the cloud. All you are doing is taking a number of different tools and technologies and creating the so-called “Big Data”. It’s all just small technology rolled into one, all to make us seem and look smarter. How cool is that?

5) You can use this tool to expose some major issues in the world. Every time some bad person gets exposed on social media for their atrocities, the cloud is part of it. It’s just being thrown into a much bigger pot. Some feel that the cloud has to be of it’s own device. This way people can say they are using it. This is not true. Sometimes it just takes one small input from the cloud to create something bigger.

Cloud Technology

6) Anyone can use this tool. If you are a writer and use some of the writing tools online, you are using it. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to tap in. Using a tool like Tableau Public can tell one great story for the cloud. All it takes is one image to explain a message of a 1,000 words.