Cloud Technology

Everything You Wanted to Know About The Cloud, But were Afraid To Ask

Using the cloud¬†is like anything else in life. There are going to be certain things your provider just won’t tell you, but it’s up to you to learn them all on your own. That is exactly what we are gonna do today. For further information on how you can improve your cloud setup, check out

Cloud Technology

The Portability 

This is one of the first things that your cloud provider will not share with you. The cloud’s cost to put everything out will not decrease when they lose a customer. Their profits will decrease though, Let’s say that you use then for a while. Say you make the choice to move. In this choice to move you decide to let them go for a while. They don’t like it when a customer leaves. They will do anything they can to decrease the likelihood of this happening. Be prepared. This is not a negative, in any way. This is more or less meant to inform you of what is happening.

The salesmen will make it so easy for you to come on board, but then allow you the chance to leave if you are unhappy. The salesmen are just the sellers. This is their job. It’s up to you to be informed as to the methods of their selling techniques.

Benefits of Cloud Technology

The Financial State

It’s a catch-22 for most providers. If the company can’t keep a customer, they lose business. If they don’t want to keep customers, they also lose business. Most companies operate at a “what’s in it for me” attitude. You might some who care about their customers, but most concern themselves with them.

Now you might find some ethical providers who will let you part ways with them “amicably”, if you give them proper notice and communication. Others might not be so involved. Ask about a company’s profit and loss history before signing on. If they refuse, it’s almost safe to assume the worst in this situation.


Now some providers will bring full disclosure over everything, including the security detail. Some will not. Why? It’s more of a hidden cost thing. Some like to line the agreement with hidden costs, costs they are not necessarily supposed to tell you about. It’s best to find out about all costs and security detail up front. Some clients have gotten into some bad agreements, all because they failed to look at the security detail. Since most companies are not obligated to tell you about it, they place the blame on the client. They basically say that it’s the consumer’s fault for not knowing. In order to prevent this from happening, please learn as much as you can before signing.